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General Health

Today: Dr. Adam Ofer analyzes top health headlines

Dr. Adam Ofer and Dr. Roshini Raj analyze some of the top health headlines, including the FDA’s challenge to creators of antibacterial soap to prove they are better and safer than more traditional options.

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Access Hollywood: Kit Hoover welcomes Dr. Adam Ofer

Kit Hoover and Billy Bush welcome Dr Adam Ofer to Access Hollywood Live to discuss hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and provide BRCA testing to Kit.

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Access Hollywood: Kit Hoover’s BRCA Test Results Are In!

Dr. Ofer returns to Access Hollywood Live to discuss Kit Hoover’s BRCA test results.

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Today Show: Q&A with Dr. Adam Ofer

On Today’s Gross Anatomy segment the audience asked Dr. Ofer questions they were too embarrassed to ask their own doctor.

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Today Show: Dr. Adam Ofer & Dr. Nancy Snyderman Analyze the News

On the Today Show, NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Dr. Adam Ofer analyze current medical news.

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Today: Dr. Adam Ofer discusses this week’s health headlines

Dr. Roshini Raj and Dr. Adam Ofer share some of the biggest news in the medical world this week, including a study that shows men with healthy lifestyles had longer telomeres, a cap on DNA that is shortened over your […]

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