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Labiaplasty/Labial Reshaping

Labiaplasty typically refers to reduction of the labia minora (the smaller inner lips of the vagina) but can also refer to reduction of the labia majora (larger outer lips) after they become deflated or sagging with age. Dr. Ofer’s unique technique uses RF energy (much better than laser because of significantly less thermal damage to tissue) to re-shape the labia minora back to their natural beautiful contour.  Most labial reshaping can be done in the comfort of our office and can often be combined with other enhancing procedures.

Procedures Include:

Labia minora reduction / reshaping

Many women are unhappy with the size and shape of their labia minora (small outer vaginal lips). Enlargement of the labia is sometimes genetic and can occur at relatively young ages or can occur as a result of childbearing or other hormonal influences. Enlarged labia can often be seen through workout / yoga clothes and are a common source of self-consciousness and embarrassment or discomfort during physical and sexual activity. It is easy to find someone to “trim” or reduce the labia; however, only a surgeon, such as Dr. Ofer, with special training and experience with cosmetic gynecology is able to reshape the labia and perineum to both look and feel comfortable from the gym to the bedroom.

Labia majora  reduction

Over time, the labia major can lose their volume and sag. This can give the vaginal area an aging appearance and is very bothersome to many women who wear tight pants such as yoga pants where the sagging is very visible. Some tightening can be achieved non surgically using Fraxel laser to tighten the college under the skin. When the results desired are more dramatic, surgical reduction is performed under regional anesthesia to create a tighter, more youthful appearance.

Clitoral hood reduction / lift

The clitoral hood covers the sensitive nerves of the clitoris. Over time, the fleshy hood can enlarge and sag, changing aesthetic appearance as well as reduce sexual sensation and satisfaction. Reshaping and lifting the clitoral hood can give a dramatically youthful appearance to the vaginal area and rejuvenate sexual sensations leading to better excitement and orgasms. This can also be combined with the O-Shot.

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