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Dr. Ofer’s techniques ensure that you end up with the long-lasting results you desire, a vagina that is tight and pleasurable. This is where experience really matters; it is easy to over-tighten or distort the normal anatomy in a way that can cause permanent sexual discomfort and difficulty with orgasm. Only a pelvic surgeon experienced in urogynecology, cosmetic gynecology and sexual health should be performing these procedures.

Vaginoplasty may be done with or without a concomitant repair of rectocele (protrusion of the rectum into the vagina) or cystocele (dropping of the bladder into the vagina). Vaginoplasty is often combined with labial reshaping, clitoral hood lift and perineal tightening. In some cases, vaginoplasty can also be done concomitantly with surgery for urinary incontinence. This may be done in the office procedure room or outpatient surgical center depending on the extent of the repair and anesthesia required.

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