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For patients who desire to preserve their fertility, removal of the fibroids (myomectomy) may be the best surgical option.  Dr. Ofer performs most myomectomies laparoscopically using the da Vinci Robotic System. Dr. Ofer can safely remove fibroids of almost any size laparoscopically.

In rare cases a myomectomy cannot be safely performed laparoscopically and a laparotomy (traditional skin incision) must be performed.  When a laparotomy is performed recovery is typically increased; however, even when laparotomy is needed, Dr. Ofer’s techniques allow for a much smaller incision and quicker recovery than is typical.  Recovery from laparoscopic myomectomy takes several days to several weeks versus traditional myomectomy with laparotomy which requires about 4-8 weeks for recovery.

Advantages:  Preservation of fertility in most cases; fibroids are completely removed

Disadvantages:  When compared to da Vinci Hysterectomy,  recovery is typically more difficult with myomectomy.

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