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Urinary Urgency & Incontinence

Dr. Ofer is a leading expert in Nonsurgical treatments for urinary incontinence, which includes biofeedback to improve pelvic muscle strength, Femilift intravaginal laser treatments, and the O-Shot. For patients with mild urinary incontinence, nonsurgical treatments can provide cure with no pain and no down-time.

There are a number of reasons why a woman may have urinary frequency, urgency or incontinence (uncontrolled leakage). Dr. Ofer will work with you to fully-evaluate your bladder function and find treatment options that suit your needs and lifestyle.

For stress incontinence (leakage with activity such as jumping or coughing / laughing or with intercourse) treatments can include physical therapy for the pelvic floor, nonsurgical tightening with FemiLift or surgery. Most surgical correction of stress incontinence is quite simple. Dr. Ofer typically performs a sling procedure in under 20 minutes and most patients are home within a few hours. Cure rates are very high for these procedures.

For those patients with overactive bladder / problems with frequency and urgency, treatments may include dietary / lifestyle changes, pelvic physical therapy, medication or surgery.


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